Lesjöfors invest in a new EDI gateway.

Lesjöfors have a Movex ERP system and has previously used an Amtrix as EDI gateway.

PipeChain has been chosen to replace their Amtrix with an Inobiz Integration Server, Inobiz Development System and an Odex Enterprise.

In order to manage the X.25 communications, we will also deliver 2 x Cisco X.25 routers for redundant communications.

Lesjöfors is an international full-range supplier of standard springs and bespoked springs, wire and strip components. Lesjöfors was established in 1675. Spring manufacture started in 1852. These days, the group is owned by Beijer Alma, a listed company, and is one of Europe's leading manufacturer of spring products.

For more information, please contact Joakim Borgman at +46 31-7278629 or joakim.borgman@pipechain.com

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